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03-26-2006, 10:25 AM

I am writing a web site using ASP, and am testing it using Internet Information Server as a web server on my local machine. I have just changed my PC, and have immediately noticed after the change that I am getting an error when I try to write to the Access database that forms the base of my website. The message is that the database is readonly.

However this is only when I write to it via the application. When I open Access itself I can add records without any problem. I have also checked in Windows Explorer that the database is not readonly, and neither are the directories above it.

I am left with the conclusion that when I access the database via the application (and therefore IIS) I am using the IIS user rights, not my normal administrator rights, and on my PC only the administrator user has write access to files.

I know nothing about IIS and PC security, and would appreciate advice on this, especially on if changing IIS user rights would solve the problem, and how to effect that.

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03-26-2006, 04:43 PM
open up internet services manager point to the directory that your database is located in. Now right click on that directory and click properties. You will have a tab that says Directory (or Virtual Directory if it is a virtual directory). Now put a check into the box that says write. Click apply click ok you now have write priveleges in that directory.