View Full Version : FYAD, you crazy copied files.

03-24-2006, 01:18 AM
Over the last few days, files in our main storage directory have been getting cut and pasted in a variety of wierd ways for reasons I can't even begin to imagine, so help a brotha out.

It happens that a random string of files will dissapear during miday and wind up somewhere wierd. Ok, so what if someone accidently moved it and didn't notice? I don't think thats the case here. We have folders set up like this:


But somehow FOLDER A gets a copied name and gets moved to a subfolder of FOLDER B, but with only around 1/2 of the original files in it, and its the later half of the alphabet too. Also, the first file alphabeticly will be duplicated instead of cut an moved, but it will have 0 contents in it. WTF?

I recently set up the system into a RAID1, so has anyone ever heard of mysterious file copying after that configuration of HDDs has been set up? It looks like the creation date of the files is also during work hours...so how do I tell who in the office is doing it? :confused: