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10-18-2002, 09:40 PM

If you go there u see all my buttons. Well i image mapped them and they work. I used two images in the image mapping though because all the buttons didnt fint on one image. So i have left and bottom, which has only one button. Well the cord for the bottom button i immage mapped are "54,0,142,29". Alright now if you can see go to the left pic and go up where it says MCFATTER in red. As you can see that is also mapped at "54,0,142,29". That isnt suppose to be there and i think since i imaged map two images, the bottom button cord is on the left one too. ANy way to fix this? Thanks.

10-18-2002, 11:01 PM
to make a long story short,

Find this:
<img src="Left.jpg" usemap="#Map1" width=250 height=452 border="0">

..replace it with this:
<img src="Left.jpg" usemap="#Left3fixed" width=250 height=452 border="0">

And delete the bold part from your page. There's three image maps in there.

<map name="Map1">
<area shape="RECT" coords="37,27,156,94" href="Comps.HTML" ... >

<map name="Left3fixed">
<area shape=RECT coords="58,113,136,132" href="News.php" ... >
<area shape=RECT coords="61,144,134,165" href="Forums.HTML" ... >
<area shape=RECT coords="63,177,136,197" href="Weekly.HTML" ... >
<area shape=RECT coords="59,208,135,227" href="Events.HTML" ... >
<area shape=RECT coords="60,238,136,260" href="Classes.HTML" ... >
<area shape=RECT coords="56,270,138,290" href="Calendar.HTML" ... >
<area shape=RECT coords="62,299,137,321" href="Projects.HTML" ... >
<area shape=RECT coords="59,331,136,350" href="Awards.HTML" ... >
<area shape=RECT coords="60,364,136,382" href="Clubs.HTML" ... >
<area shape=RECT coords="61,395,136,412" href="Grades.HTML" ... >
<area shape=RECT coords="61,425,135,445" href="Contact.HTML" ... ></map>

<map name="Bottom2">
<area shape=RECT coords="54,0,142,29" href="Comps.HTML" ... ></map>

10-18-2002, 11:27 PM
No you are wrong, i need that bold part there cause i need that ad to link to the comps page. Do u understand?

10-18-2002, 11:52 PM
Okay. But your page is working now.