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03-22-2006, 12:04 AM
For printing our own checks, we have been using a MICR font called E-13B.fnt ever since windows 3.x. This font is found on all our office PCs in the font directory. I recently reconfigured the server with 2 SATA HDDs in a RAID1 config, and now only about half of the office can correctly print checks. It is like the RAID1 went to some of the PCs and deleted the .font file...or something wacky went on.

Now I am trying to reinstall the font, and a call to our accounting softwares lamo tech support revealed that this font will not work in Windows XP, and neither will the current version of our accounting software, so we are going to need to buy the new versions for $26,000 USD. Oh ho ho, well played sir. More like we have been using XP since it came out and it has worked just fine...until now. Everytime I try to install it on one of the remaining PCs, I get an "invalid or corrupt file" error, even when I try to copy it right over the network. WTF! If it works on one machine, it should work on one that is nearly identical to it, right?

Is there supposed to be a problem with windows (or either of the service packs) supporting the .fnt extension that you know of? What can I do to get this thing working?

03-22-2006, 10:25 PM
Why is it that when I post a problem in the PC discussion thread, I solve it almost right after posting? I'll start posting my problems sooner to solve them quicker :D.


When trying to install or copy e13-b.fnt into the xp fonts directory, and error occurs to the effect of "Cannot copy because file is either corrupt or invalid". If you push OK, it will look like nothing happened, and it doesn't appear to be in the directory, but it actually works. In order for it to completely work, you must first add it to your printers fonts!. Here was my solution for the HP LaserJet4 series: Control Panel>Printers & Faxes>Right Click Printer you are using>Properties>Device Settings Tab>Click External Fonts and then select the E-13B.fnt from a floppy disk (which of course you have already made). This loads the font to the printer, and then if your networked computers have the font installed (or at least gone through the error-and-click-OK process), then the font should work just fine on all your checks.

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