View Full Version : $300 to offer: need to control VRML using javascript or whatever suits

03-20-2006, 03:02 PM
Hi guys,

I need to develop a software using javascript or whatever suits, where the software enables me to control a VRML 3D model of an excavator vehicle, which I will provide, in the meaning of entering data, like speed, activity time (such as loading time; for example: 5 seconds, dumping time; for example: 3 seconds, maneuvering time, rotating time..), cycle time (sum of all activities; for example: 22 seconds), direction, distance..etc..and then the VRML model has to act depending on the entered data. Then after the visualized simulation is previewed, a report is generated showing the distance covered, speed, gas consumption, time for each activity, total cycle time, number of tire rotations, etc...We will talk about these details later.

I want the program to have an option of taking the input data from a list, like Microsoft Excel, and automatically enter the data one after the other, and visualize the simualtion one after the other. Other than that idea, the program should also have another option, to enter randomly generated data and visualize that simulation.

In addition, I would like to control the speed of time for the simulation visualization, meaning if I want the simulation program to run randomly generated data for like 10 continuous hours, I would like to accelerate the simulation, and quickly get results out of it, just like pressing "fast forward". I would like to also have the option of turning the visualization on and off, while simulation is taking place.

If anyone can help, please respond ASAP. We can also have a deal over this business. You do the programming job and I will pay you $300.

Note: the model provided demonstrates one full cycle of work, you can see the activities of loading, dumping, rotating..etc. to get an idea of what I talked about. I want to control all these activities separately.
The 3D VRML model of the excavator is at: http://cic.nist.gov/vrml/nist_cic_vrml.zip ,download and unzip the file, and open the file: nist_cic_vrml\exc\excanim1.wrl

This VRML file is displayed properly with most VRML plugins, such as this: http://www.parallelgraphics.com/products/cortona/
open the files using the internet explorer.
For any question, please contact me at: firas53@hotmail.com