View Full Version : A Few OS X/iLife '06 Questions

03-19-2006, 08:12 PM
Firstly, does anyone know where I can get Mac drivers for a Minolta QMS Magicolor 2300dl printer? Minolta only have Windows drivers on their site, and although I found this (http://oem.zeno.com/public/SDK/4_Macintosh%20CUPS%20Driver/Default.htm) yesterday, the print quality is pretty dodgy (lots of text fuzz).

Is it possible to change the folder structure iPhoto imports into? I'm not so keen on the Year:Roll # as it makes it hard to find things. Best would be Year:Month:Date, but any date orientated system would be better than the present one.

Last of all, what do you guys use: MS Office for Mac or iWork? iWork seems to be one hell of a lot better, but the rest of my family and my school both use Windows, so I'm a bit worried about compatibility issues :rolleyes: