View Full Version : WME won't work?

03-15-2006, 12:26 AM
I recently used Windows Media Encoder to create a wmv file from a DVD. It worked great. I then tried to do it again on a different, homemade DVD. It did not work. I then converted an avi to wmv and it worked fine. I tried again on a different DVD, created on a different recorder, but it does not work.
The VOB file is 114MB (it's a three minute clip) and it plays perfectly in Windows Media Player (version 10). DVD Decrypt copies it without error to the hard drive and WME converts it without an error message, but the resulting file is only 36 seconds long. The first thirty seconds are the actual audio (no video at all) and then it sort of skips along through the audio for the remaining six seconds. (Yes, the homemade DVDs were Finalized.)
Is there anything I am doing wrong? Anything I can do to the VOB to help things along? Any other free program to convert from vob to wmv?
Any ideas at all?