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03-06-2006, 06:36 PM
Okay, this will be a paid job; but as of now I have no clue how long it might take or how difficult it may be, so I would appreciate quotes from a few people to get a good idea of what pay range to offer. Until I get an estimate, I will tentatively say my budget should cover any reasonable quotes/requests.

Now what I am wanting done...I don't know how to sum this up in just a couple words (hence the title), so I'll just start describing what I want the end results to be.

It is a sort of hosting service, I suppose; but very limited - it only hosts one specific type of page (though possibly with 2 or 3 or more CSS layouts), for multiple users.

This will be a community based website, designed to have multiple levels of members. Free members will get access to search the member database (key!) but that is all.

The next step up, the cheapest paid membership, gets access to read almost all forums and chat in all but a few chat rooms, as well as search the member database.

The third level, which pays a bit more, gets a free mini-site and is put into the member database. This is the key; though the above two are important, this is where most of the work will come in.

When a member joins at this third level, they fill out a profile. The profile is stored in a database. They automatically get a directory path assigned - such as (assuming the member's name is jsmith) www.mysite.com/jsmith/ . . . there does need to be enforcement of unique member names for this reason).

Now, some server-side program (index.php, I would assume; which would be automatically generated for every every directory) will analyze the address it is currently at (i.e. directory mysite.com/jsmith/) and automatically generate a page (or two or 3) based on the profile information stored in the database.

That way, neither I nor my members ever actually make the profile pages - they are automatically and dynamically generated from the database, based on the current page's address.

Then, the main page (www.mysite.com) would feature a search engine (mentioned above; all members have access to this, to search the database). All members can use this engine to search on any combination of fields in the user profiles. Say someone wants to search the members for all red haired men who live in Canada and are between the ages of 21 and 30. Whatever - it really doesn't matter (I don't have all of the fields set in stone yet; though I am close), they can just search on any or all fields in the profile. Then, they get a dynamically built list of links to all matching profiles.

Also, each member will have an image gallery of some kind. I am vaguely familiar with coppermine, so can use that as an example of what I want (though it probably has more features than I know of, and what I know is more than I want for this site)... Just a simple gallery that allows the 'admin' member to upload, delete, and change pictures; I don't need multiple albums or galleries or anything, just 1 gallery, 1 album. A slide show feature would be nice, but not necessary.

Each profile page (which was dynamically generated) will automatically have a link to the gallery for that user. Say the profile is at www.mysite.com/jsmith/ - then www.mysite.com/jsmith/gallery.php (or something similar) would be his image gallery. He should be able to control the images in his own gallery (as an admin), everyone else just gets to view it.

So that is the basic request. There are (as always) a few more details I would need to go over with anyone serious about taking the job; but that should be enough to get a good idea for a quote or two.

The key thing I am looking for is automation. When a member signs up, they fill out a profile, and their page (or pages) is done. It automatically generates the directory on my server, and the template website is there, drawing data from a central database. They get an automatically generated email with the admin info for their gallery, which they can use or not (though even if empty, I figure the link to a gallery would be hard coded into every profile page, just for simplicity's sake).

If the profile page(s) can be CSS driven with 2 or 3 (or more) color schemes and styles, that would be a huge bonus, but it is far from a requirement.

As to my hosting account - I have access to install anything else I want on my server, but currently it is running;

Red Hat Linux
Perl 5.8.1
PHP 4.3.11
Shared 128 bit SSL
Cpanel 10
Scripta v3.0 (with many programs I can install through scripta)
Fantastico Deluxe (likewise, many programs I can install through fantastico)
Zend / cURL / cURL SSL / ZLib (no idea - never touched any of these)

03-06-2006, 11:15 PM

I have read your requirement. It's a very big project and might cost above $800. If you would like to discuss with me, provide your IM info.

03-07-2006, 12:26 AM
Sent you a PM on this.

I've done many projects like this in the past. The most similar is probably Chitown Flavor (www.chitownflavor.com). Each artist has their own profile and there's a completly custom back end on the system. All developed on Linux, PHP and MySQL.

Please feel free to contact me for a specific quote on your project.



brandon [ a ] aphion [ d ] com

03-10-2006, 06:42 AM
I have also sent a PM. Do let me know if interested.

Thank you.

jpdoris [a] charter [d] net