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Feb 17th, 2006, 03:54 AM
Dear frnds,

The following is the situation which i neet to handle in asp.net. Please help me if any one of you have done anything similar to this.

I need to define some thing as follows


Help me on the following issues.
Each row has to have two additional button one for Insert Above and Insert below. When the user press insert above button, a row has to be insert above the specific row and the respective action for insert below. Once inserted, the user has to key in values for the newly inserted rows.
Level column is a combo box which will fetch row from a table.
Bo column has to be calculated in the specific format [ generated based on the level as you find in the attachment ]
When I click on attribute column, a window should be opended and the data has to be captured as in the image [ http://www.geocities.com/sethumurugan/attribute.jpg ]. In this attribute and values has to be picked from a table and attribute values will be as combo box. the complecation here is, each attribute will have different values. so the combo box of each row will have differnt value. When I close this new attribute window, the data I have selected has to get stored in the first child table.
Document Reference column will open a window and paths of different documents will be keyed in by the user and the has to get stored in second child table when the window is closed.
link rererence column will open a window and links [ no column ] of the header table will captured and stored in 3rd child table when the window is closed

I have tried some of the above issues using various option. But iam failing if got succeed in one. I would like to know is there any other simple way of doing this. First of all, has any one handled this kind of situation before ? please give me some solution. My bozz is on my head. PLEASE

Iam new to vb.net.

Thank you very much.

Chennai, India
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