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02-15-2006, 10:39 AM
I'm a full-time software engineer, currently seeking freelance work. My current work has me drowned with PHP5/OOP and MySQL. I have a solid grounding in PHP application design as well as JavaScript and AJAX.

Working in web development is not only a career for me, it is also a hobby I love with a passion.

I spend a lot of time working with linux web servers in my day-to-day work, as well as maintaining my own VDS at Mythic-Beasts (http://www.mythic-beasts.com/).

Working to meet standards is something I firmly believe in acheiving wherever possible. I am very aware of the various standards set by the W3C and do most of my personal development work under XHTML 1.1. For this reason my CSS skills are excellent meaning I can generally put a strong CSS based layout together in a short space of time.

I'm actually a forum administrator over at, dare I say it :P Devnetwork Forums using the username d11wtq also.

Please take a moment to review my CV/Resume at http://chriscorbyn.co.uk/ for a more in depth explanation of my experiences/work.

I'm looking for work in the following areas:

Client Side development
PHP/MySQL development (OOP & Procedural)

Linux server support*:
Installing/upgrading services
Implementing firewall security
Custom MTA filters & SPAM filters
Full remote VDS or dedicated server setup

Because I already work full-time during the day I offer very low quotes on freelance work.

*Linux server administration is not something I have freelanced in before but I do have the skills to do this. Most companies charge an extorsianate amount for such services. I'd do this for as little as 10 GBP/hour (no kidding ;)).

No advance deposit made on server work, full payment made upon completion only. 30% deposit to be made on development work, remaining 70% on completion.

I can be contacted via email at chris@w3style.co.uk, by PM on this forum, or by the details stated on my CV.

Many thanks for reading,