View Full Version : Sql Server Express

Feb 14th, 2006, 10:25 PM
I am using full sql server but i have been asked for help on getting someones .net code working on express. "No problem!" i thought .. then i found out that the furthest i can get is Server=.\SQLEXRESS (or datasource=.\SQLEXPRESS) and i cant authenticate at all as it never asked to set a sa password and there is no way i can see to set things like this (cant even do it from sql cos i cant connect?!) windows authentication seems to not work.

Just wondering as most casual developers here would be using sql express or something similar (after getting vc# 2005 and/or VWD 2005 and it being an optional download etc) someone must have found a sollution.. www.connectionstrings.com came up with nowt for express..

I thought there would be a way in vc# to connect automatically from the gui or something but cant find it anywhere. (although it doesnt make too bad a substite for management studio asside from obvious huge lacking functionality)