View Full Version : Script is crashing Internet Explorer! - Image Calling

02-09-2006, 04:47 PM

I have a very strange problem with a script. Essentially when you call the image:


mod_rewrite enabled

Without mod_rewrite


Try and right click the image... then print image. You can just select "microsoft document viewer".

Now it will not print, and you are unable to close IE.

But if you call any image directly from the image folder...

http://www.thefurnitureworks.co.uk/uploads/images/f955477d15a07238eef80549e7753e97.jpg (random image)

It will print.

Does anyone have any previous experience with this? Could it be the headers or something to do with the fact the image is saved with a dynamic name, with the origonal name stored in the DB until you save... so as to stop duplicate images being uploaded?

Anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks,