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01-31-2006, 05:44 AM
MadProps New Media is a forward thinking, highly-creative design firm based in Melbourne, Australia. We are currently re-branding + expanding and we need to take on a coder (or coders) on a casual basis for development and ongoing work. If you fit the criteria outlined below for any or all of the projects please do get in touch.

The successful applicant(s) would be:

Efficient, focussed, and thorough with their work. Nothing half-arsed.
Preferably living in or around Melbourne, or at least somewhere within Australia.
Working from their own office, with all correspondence with us done via phone/email/IM (if you live in Melbourne office space may be arranged).
Willing to keep deadlines. None of this “I’ll have it done in one week” while we sit waiting for a month stuff.
Able to work and correspond with our existing flash + CSS + design subcontractors.
A nice person. We like a casual working environment, and while we demand high standards of work we don’t like to work with people we don’t like! We value humor, creativity, and lateral thinking.

In particular projects we currently need coders for are:
1: To develop - from scratch - a fully functioning eCommerce system. You’d have:

Experience with SSL, payment gateways, third party payment providers, merchant accounts etc a necessity
Previous experience in developing larger-scale, modular, online software.
Understanding of linux servers, security thereof and so-on.
Knowledge of the open source osCommerce software would be a boon (for modification/etc of existing clients’ sites).
Understanding of the Ajax methodology a bonus

2: To expand / adapt / bugfix an already modified ezPublish system. You’d have: this is very desirable!

Intimate understanding of the ezPublish CMS system.
Previous experience in developing larger-scale, modular, online software.
Understanding of the Ajax methodology a bonus

3: General maintenance + fixing for existing sites. Involves:

Occasionally clients will ask for upgrades to their sites, so we need someone who can jump in and make magic happen with an existing site/system.
Sometimes things like phpBB forums etc need to be updated, that kind of thing.

What we need from you:

A CV or equivalent outlining your personal abilities and experience
A portfolio or equivalent so we can see just how good you are.
Preferably references we can call/email.
Your usual hourly rate, and details of any concessions for larger / long term contracts.

Email this all to me – Courtenay – via my first name @madprops.net (just trying to avoid spambots here), and either I or the manager of MadProps will get in touch with you to discuss further.

01-31-2006, 04:51 PM
What kind of price are you willing to pay a successful applicant?