View Full Version : xImgGallery - add a pop-up link??

01-27-2006, 12:48 PM
Hi Mike

I have found you Image gallery xImgGallery v2 (Cross-Browser.com)
and I'd like to add a pop-up window, using this like a detail page for the image.
I wrote a pop-up script in javascript
but i cant call the HTML file using the same technique as for the images.

How can get the variable that creates the sequence number for every image you display?

<div id='gallery'>
<div class='gcon'><img id='g1'><div class='gcap' id='gc1'><JAVASCRIPT POPUP CALL HERE></div></div>
<div class='gcon'><img id='g2'><div class='gcap' id='gc2'>&nbsp;</div></div>
<div class='gcon'><img id='g3'><div class='gcap' id='gc3'>&nbsp;</div></div>
<div class='clearAll'>&nbsp;</div>
<div class='gcon'><img id='g4'><div class='gcap' id='gc4'>&nbsp;</div></div>
<div class='gcon'><img id='g5'><div class='gcap' id='gc5'>&nbsp;</div></div>
<div class='gcon'><img id='g6'><div class='gcap' id='gc6'>&nbsp;</div></div>
<div class='clearAll'>&nbsp;</div>
<div id='slideshow'>
<div class='scon'><img id='s1'><div class='scap' id='sc1'>&nbsp;</div></div>
<div id='navigation'>
<span id='prev'>&#171; Previous</span>
<span id='next'>Next &#187;</span>
<p><span id='back'>Back to the Gallery</span></p>
<p><span id='auto' title='Toggle Auto-Slide'>Auto-Slide</span> <span id='time'>&nbsp;</span></p>

This way I can call (in relative mode) the matching html file as the image.
So if i have a shell0001.jpg image file, the popup should read shell0001.html

Html file to be called by the pop-up is:

The only missing variable is [seq_num]???