View Full Version : mm_menu.js Problem with form elements

Lara Croft
01-27-2006, 12:25 PM
Hi everyone

I am using the code mm_menu.js that is on my site to create my navbar dropdown menu. (If you need to see a copy of the code I can email it to you as it is too long for submission in this thread) or a search on google will give you access to the code in full.

The problem with it is that if there are any form elements below it - the drop down parts containing the sub page link buttons drops down BEHIND the form elements.

I have noticed this is a common problem posted on forums but still I cannot seem to find the solution.

I could move the form lower down the page which solves the problem but in my instance is not practical because I need the form at the very top of the page and the end result is quite ugly.

Can anyone help ?

With Kind Regards