View Full Version : Highly Experianced Coders for hire

01-23-2006, 09:30 PM
I'm part of a group of coders under the name of "Shellcoders" (http://www.shellcoders.com).

We specialise in assessing code for security vulnerabilities, then, depending on the vendors response, taking further action. (Be it patching it ourselves (with open-source projects) or Proof of Concept code (where the vendor wont listen))

We are available for hire, at the moment there is only 3 of us. Each of us has experiance with C/C++, ASM and basic web design. We will undertake small to medium projects at a VERY reasonable price. We can take payments in various ways.

My experiance is with:

ASM (Intel Syntax)
The Linux Environment
LAMPS (Linux Apache MySQL PHP Server)
Security (At code level)
Basic web languages (XML, HTML, Javascript, CSS)

I am also gaining experiance (through training) with:


In the past I have contributed too the KDE project and the GNOME project.

At the moment 100% of my time can be commited to a project. For more information PM me or Email me.