View Full Version : [Hiring] Conversion Simple VB6 App to VB.Net

01-16-2006, 05:48 PM
I have a Program done by using VB6 and I am looking for someone to redo
it entirely using VB.Net for me based on the program done by using VB6.
Please note that I don't want it to be converted by using the VB.Net conversion wizard.
I want it to be purely using VB.Net coding.
As i tried doing myself but there is still errors and warnings and i failed
to solve it and am running out of time as is approaching the deadline.

However, i already did the exact forms design etc in VB.Net, really just need someone
to redo the coding for me..or helping me to erase the converted code in the VB.Net and
replace all parts by using purely VB.Net coding?

Here is the link to my program in vb6
and another link to my already converted vb6 app to vb.net

Please PM me a quote of how long it will take and how much $ to convert it.
If you don't have time or can't meet deadlines please do not respond to this post.i'll send payment by Paypal.

The deadline is on Jan 31st and is urgent. Please respond fast.
Or get me on Yahoo Messenger blankiblue@yahoo.com
Thank you~!