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01-06-2006, 04:53 PM
Quite simple really; I'm looking for a vertical scroller which is cross browser compatible (90%+) and controlled via a backend.

In detail:

The backend should be capable of archiving past news messages and have the ability to recall them and put them back into current circulation. The other sites which are displaying the scroller should all start at article1 and progress to article2 on day two of their membership and article3 on day 3 etc.... Each days article needs to be able to have the filename changed in the backend to whatever I wish the scroller to load for a certain day.

So every new member will start on article1 and progress onward, while member x who joined 4 days ago is on article4. I guess this will be handled by the username passed as a variable so this will need to be generated in the member section. The scroller needs to be changed via the backend, variables such as height, width, scrollspeed, scroll direction, background colour, border width, border colour etc...

The scroller needs to read each article from a html or xml file into the scroller from it's corresponding filename as mentioned above.

The membership side will need to be coded also, nothing fancy, just a sign up page and some way the admin can alter details and delete/add members.

Now for the scroller itself:

It needs to be able to scroll up and down (backend controlled), have adjustable scroll speeds, and the ability to pause ANY message via a command in the actual message. i.e.

part 1 scrolls, part 2 scrolls, part 3 pauses for defined amount and then scrolls, part 4 scrolls.

so I can pause a specific part of the message for advertising purposes by means of a command.

The scroller needs to be called via javascript NOT SSI or PHP and preferably coded in perl for a UNIX server. It will need to be installed on my server.


I also require the following in the project;

1. Control function for the browser page which enables the user to scroll down, up and pause. Turns on/off via a floating button actually in the scroller window. Uses transparent images/watermarks for each action, all floating in the scroller window at the bottom.

2. A tracking element which registers each unique viewer, allowing me to monitor how many visitors each member has viewing the scroller. Should be able to run queries for daily, monthly and yearly by day and time. I like the way in which Fluid dynamics AXS works for this. I also need it to run total member view over each day, month and year for ALL members. It needs to be able to track clicks from the scroller also and run a simple query to determine the click through rate and a section to allow a figure to be input to work the clickthrough into a sales/profit figure.

3. A seperate free and paid member section which is basically the same script just running an ad free set of articles with a payment gateway for paypal running recurring billing. Say just having a section to select two filenames in the backend and one being the free version and the other being the paid version. Then the script will identify the paid level based on the link codes coming from the site and load the ad free file. It will need the ability to send an email reminding them that their membership will be renewed automatically which should be configurable from the backend.

4. The ability to contact all members based on their level;

just free
just paid
or both

Can pay upto around $300 maybe a little more for the right person.

Please make all offers by email to my profiles contact details.

01-10-2006, 03:55 AM
Your requirements sound very in depth and I definatley think the whole thing is worth more than $300.