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01-03-2006, 02:40 AM
Firstly, let me give you a little background...

The purpose of the site that I am in the midsts of making is to provide a place for up-and-coming musicians to post their material and get recognition. In its finished state, it will have a place for each band to upload a biography, songs, pictures, and even artwork. Also, there will be a portal for the songs to enter through. Once they enter the portal, they will be voted on and accordingly ranked. There, users can comment and critique each song and the band. However, unlike many portal-based sites, no items can be blammed simply because it isn't any good. The site's puropse is to try and tell people what they need to do to become better. The only way an entry to the portal can be removed is it is simply spam. You can flag an item and a group of mods will be notified and the item would be removed, like any other portal system.

Ok. I have created a site template, sliced it, and coded it... The template that I did for the site can be seen here. (http://photoshop.retrogade.com/view.php?id=3798)

The point of all of this is that I need some serious help. I have a VERY limited experience of coding. I mean, I can slice and code the template so that it works, but I have not the slightest idea on how to start the portal system or anything else.

If you would like to help me out, IM me on AIM or say so on here. I need a few people that are experienced in coding that could make this site become a reality. In return for services, I will do all I can graphically to repay whoever can help me...


~ Zakk Wilbanks

01-03-2006, 11:41 AM
Sounds like you need some sort of Content Management System (CMS); I don't know if there's something out there you could use, but if this thing needs to be built from scratch, what you basically are asking for is for someone to design and build an entire machine for you, and you've already designed the sticker for on the box.
I like your plans, but you don't seem to fully realize how much work this will take.

You might want to take a look around at OpensourceCMS (http://www.opensourcecms.com/index.php) to see if you can find an open source CMS/portal solution that you could use; this would save a lot of work.

01-03-2006, 12:41 PM
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