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12-30-2005, 08:02 PM

I have an aspx page http://www.fast-drinks.com/Categories.aspx - There are various categories eg Spirits, Wines, beer - but within each category there are sub categories eg for Spirits you have Gin, Vodka, Whiskey etc.

The Category is being displayed in the html via the variable <%=SuperCats%> (I'm presuming this is an ASP (or ASP.Net) variable - I'm new to this!). What I want to do is depending on this value to display a different image. If you go to the above page you will see a grey bar with no content about 2 inches down the page. I want to put one image in this bar if <%=SuperCats%> is Spirits and another if its Wine and another if its Champagene, and anther if its Gifts, and anotherif .........................

I am presuming a JavaScript if statement will do the job - I just don't know how to implement it as the page is being rendered, as I am relatively new to the whole web development side of things - I normally do console apps.

THis is the code black I have at the moment

<tr height="22" style="background-image:url(images/front_end_site_images/sort_bar.gif)">
<td colspan="2">

if (<%=SuperCats%>=="Gift Ideas")
document.write('<img src="images/front_end_site_images/giftideas.gif">');
else if (<%=SuperCats%>=="Champagnes")
document.write('<img src="images/front_end_site_images/champagne.gif">');
document.write("hi...test..nothing done");


Your help is appreciated in any way shape or form.

Thanks and Best Regards

12-31-2005, 02:14 AM
You can do this via the Select Case statement, for example:

Select Case SuperCats
Case "Gift Ideas"
srcImage = "images/front_end_site_images/giftideas.gif"
Case "Champagnes'
srcImage = "images/front_end_site_images/champagne.gif"
Case Else
srcImage = "images/front_end_site_images/defaultimage.gif"
End Select

Now, I'm not sure exactly where you need to put that. Is SuperCats a database lookup value that defaults to something on the page load? If so, you could put this in your Page_Load subroutine. Depends on how you want your page to function. Anyway, hope this helps.

BTW, it would be helpful if you used the forum code tags when posting code. :)