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Mr. DJ
12-25-2005, 03:52 PM
Hello there dear people of the Coding Community
Im using, trying to use, the NOP Free cart (www.nopdesign.com) Here u can also dwonlaod the original source code. I know there are support forums there, but they dident respond in like 2 weeks :(

I just jumped in as i have a problem. Here in the Netherlands we have a system for sending packages. Each volume and weight got his own price. I tried to implement this into the Nop Cart. I succeeded half.. I ahd to add a flag wich checks either the package can be put trough the cardbox, if false, if it is within some limeted sizes, if false turn it on 2packages and then dont Add the shiiping costs yet.

I succeeded in having every product having 1 length tag, wich would be the greatets.. I coded everything, and everything worked exept the additional info ! However I concluded that it was a bit foollish, cause sometimes it said it had to be in a box, while when you would TURN the product, it would perfectly fit into the cardbox(i dont know what its called , but you put letters in it to be send). So I tried adding every object all 3 lengths... and checking if ALL of these wher below a number, and if ONE of them was above, start checkign next.. etc.

Too bad i never coded Javascript so Im sure Im doing something wrong.. (i did do Ruby and suchs, that way i was able to code the length thingie ^^) I also dont get the toking thing, and where the hidden field actually are placed into the database-like Fields... Including here my altered version.. and im hoping that someone can help me with this.

Even if u only know half the answer please do so. Big chanche that someone else got the other half. If u need more information, please do ask for it.... I am quite in a rush right now, so if i need to explain something about the script or so... just DO ASK :rolleyes:

Greetz, Mr. DJ

p.s.1 English is NOT my first langues, so I am quite sure that i made some gramm and typo errors..
p.s.2 I know i actually had to post only the error part... but the problem is, is that its in 2/3 of the script..., leaving the rest out would be confusing...
p.s.3 DONT SEARCH after:
function CheckoutCart( ) Beacuse there the whole code is actually repeated, and thus i can alter myself ^^

NOTE: i had to change the Add info, wich do not work...

Mr. DJ
12-26-2005, 10:43 PM
... Can I Bump? ...:(