View Full Version : DNS configuration for Apache virtual hosts

12-24-2005, 12:04 PM
I have been struggling to get a virtual host system going on Windows 2003 Web edition. I have searched everywhere for something that will guide through setting up both httpd.conf and DNS all over google, Apache's site and this forum, there has to be some kind of clear reference on setting both and integrating. All I can find on it goes into as much detail as I'll ever need as far as apache configuration goes, but everything uses the term as simple as setting up a domain name in DNS. It hasn't been that simple for me and I have readand taken thorough notes on MCSE Win2k and Win2k3 Server along with a little bit of hands on traing to get familiar with the DNS interface. I read the books early in the year and now when I really need to apply the knowledge there is something I am just not doing right.

What I ask from a very nice person here is a link to a reference on dos and don'ts for naming conventions of forward lookup zones. If forward lookup zones are even what all the Apache documentation is referring to. Can I name the lookup zones anything or is there a certain naming convention that needs to be used and an example of how it is named in DNS and how it is specified in httpd.conf (do I include the final . in the lookup zone). Am I way off?

I know I am being redundent and gave too much background as to why I beleive these documentations should not be using the word simple with configuring Virtual hosts for DNS names. I have been up all night (Hopefully for the last time, thanks to you in advance) trying to figure this out. The person I'm trying to get this done for is very disappointed in me and I am very disappointed in me. Please help and do better than the Apache and Microsoft documentation does on ensuring that these two aspects are configured properly for eachother. Maybe something like screen shots of a good DNS configuration along with it's respective httpd.conf Virtual host section would do the trick of getting this simple concept through my very confused head.