View Full Version : print style sheet ignored after javascript

12-21-2005, 11:20 PM
Hi, I have a screen of 4 elements (graphs) in a 2x2 matrix. Above them I have a smaller element that a user can click on and some input selections appear. When the user clicks to get the selections, the graphs are repositioned further down on the screen with javascript to allow display of the input selections. When the user clicks on the selections again they roll back up and the graphs are moved back to their original position.

This all works great.. Click on selections and the graphs move down to allow input selections. Click on the selections again and the graphs move back to original position.

Now, we wanted a different header to show when printing so in a print style sheet I hide the original selections and replace with a header element. Now this header element is a little bigger (height) so I need the graphs positioned a little further down when printing. This works great before I take any selections - The selections are gone, the new header appears, and the graphs are shifted down a little to accomodate the new print header.

The problem is after I have take a selection and then try to print. The selections are removed properly and the new header is in place, but the graphs do not shift down. It's like the sheet is ignoring the print style sheet absolute positioning of the graph elements!

I know this seems like a complex scenario, but if anyone can give me some ideas I'd greatly appreciate it.!