View Full Version : How to insert a html code into an iframe (IE)

12-21-2005, 01:29 PM
Hi y'all!!

I suppose my last question /* this:

I'd like to know if there's a js method to retrieve the current offsets of a selection into an iframe using MSInternetExplorer!!
was not easy to understand...

12-22-2005, 08:47 AM
I try to specify my problem: if I build an iframe setting its property
designMode="on" I can create a kinda html editor.
execCommand(<name>,<param1>,<param2>) I can manage the font format, text justification, I can cut, paste, undo, redo...
but I can't insert, for example, a table, if I don't use Mozilla (if you have a look here (http://www.mozilla.org/editor/midasdemo/) you can see what I mean).
My real problem is: how can I insert some customized html-code into that designable iframe using MicrosoftInternetExplorer? Or (that's my previous question) how can I see where the caret is into that iframe, to change its innerHTML at that position?

Thanx in advance!!