View Full Version : For Hire: PHP/Graphical Design

12-20-2005, 02:08 AM

Name: Jordan S. C. Thompson
Age: 17
Email: firegrave @ gmail.com (Please PM or email me for work offers.)
Location: Lynnwood, Washing US
Best Skills: I don't know exactly. I could say graphics, though I think Photoshop is gather dust on my desktop. I have been occupied with learning PHP
Other Skill(s)/Minor Skills:
HTML: I have been working with HTML for about 6 years now. I have yet to touch the w3c schools because I for one was offline for a long time and currently have no need for much rich HTML.
CSS: I use CSS for very basic things, mostly styling on text, links, HTML tags.
Sound Effects: With the help of Sound Forge 6.0 I have been making sound effects. These sort of things range from ambiance to futuristic space craft engine sounds.
Photo Touch-up/Manipulation: I from last summer to the summer of 2004 I had been doing allot of Photo touch-up and manipulation with Photoshop. From making images look sharper, or giving them a glow thats seen in magazines and product companies. I even do some manipulation, cutting out image parts, and importing them into graphical design. I even have plenty of fun creating graphical art with photo stocks.

What do you work for?: Depending on the job I often just do things for free, out of the interest of new experience. Though if the project is time consuming some sort of payment would be nice because I'll no doubt have to put of personal activities for the new project.

This thread is mainly for the thought of needing an extra hand every once in awhile with a site.

For examples of some of my works you can check out http://amerikanmetz.rave5.com/ Currently I don't have much because I recently lost my main hard drive with all my information. Starting from scratch basically. If I had my old host (which may be up soon) I will have allot more to show.