View Full Version : Using the "rel" attribute

12-19-2005, 11:29 PM
I'm currently under the progress of completley re-coding my website. I am hoping to keep it more updated than previous incarnations, and I'm also working on a PHP 5 based content management system.

What i would ideally like to do is manage my links through the rel attribute so that I can keep track of link relations across my site and partner sites. I read the W3C documentation about the rel attribute and it mentioned something about creating a profile to apply to the head element (<head profile="...">).

So my question is... what do I need to do to use the rel attribute. If I were to use:

<a href="..." rel="systemIdentifier">Blah</a>

Without using this "head profile", am I breaking any big webdesign rules? These relations will only be useful inter-site and inter-CMS, so I'm not bothered about other things understanding how to interpret the relation values.