View Full Version : focus on clicked input field after submit

12-19-2005, 08:12 PM

Maybe it's a weird title but I don't know exactly how to describe my problem...
The point is, I want to update my page everytime a change to my form is being made by posting the form on an onblur event. This is necessary because I don't want to use any inline frames and the changes affect my image, which is displayed through the whole process of filling it out.

So, for example, I have three text input fields: name, email and place. When I start to fill out the form, the page refreshes (as meant to be) after I leave name (onblur) and click on email, or press tab. However, the 'click on email' or 'next tab index' is too late... the form has already been sent and there is no focus at all. This means visitors need to click the right field before they can update it every time. I am looking for a solution which puts my cursor into the field last selected while the form was already submitting.

Any ideas anybody?

Thank in advance.