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12-15-2005, 02:13 AM
About the Offer
Hey everyone. I am currently looking to take on a couple of projects before Christmas so I can buy myself something nice. You could almost call this a promotion becuase I'm working at about half my normal rates, so get in while you can!

I dont want to get caught up in any big PHP and database projects, so Im looking for anyone who needs a professional job doing in terms of an XHTML and CSS coding.

Before going any further, let me say that I am not offering to make a design, but rather code a design from a PSD or image file that you already have.

Recent Work
You can take a look at a couple of my recent jobs here:

(Please note that upload2.com has been slightly modified by a new owner after the site was sold on and they have mangled the design slightly, so everything looks a bit out of place).

On further inspection it seems that more than one of these sites have been altered and become invalid after being modified by the new owner (eg: Ad codes etc.). I can garuntee all were valid XHTML when they were completed

Average prices (based on a medium-high complexity design):

Single Page: $175
Extra Pages (based of same design): $75
Extra Pages (completley different design): $125

I am planning to have "3 slots" for jobs. A "slot" can be defined as a design of 1-4 pages based around the same design, or 1-2 pages with completley different designs.

If you are interested or have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail or IM:

Email: admin at icdsoftware.com
MSN: admin at icdsoftware.com

Thanks for your interest