View Full Version : Changing Usernames for Java Game.

12-13-2005, 07:30 AM
Hi, I am trying to get the game Acrophobia on Uproar to run through a backdoor on my site. The problem I am having is when typing in a username to use, it selects the same name each time, no matter what name I enter, it uses ga2000gt, which is the name I usually use. I'm know its because I put it in the code because I didn't know what to put as a variable. I have this code on an html page
<body onload="setNameFocus()">
<form ACTION="playacro.php" method="POST" onSubmit="return validateForm();" name="sup" id="sup">

<div align="center">
<table border="0">
<td><font face="Arial" size="3" color="#FF0000">Screen
<td><input type="text" name="username" value="" size="30"></td>
<td><input type="submit" value="Play Acro!" name="play"></td>


This seems to work fine, it takes me to my playacro.php which is where it logs me in with the name ga2000gt automatically. I added my name in there so I could play because I didn't know what to put.

The code for that is here:

<a href="playacro.php?username=ga2000gt" onmouseover="javascript:window.document I assume username=ga2000gt is wrong and it should be something else.

There is two other instances:
<param NAME="InitStr" VALUE="Sheep Fear Me's Acro Login: Logging in as ga2000gt"> I am also assuming that where ga2000gt is, it should be something else.

Last but not least,
<param NAME="screenname" VALUE="ga2000gt">

I appreciate any help.