View Full Version : jumping video box

12-08-2005, 06:18 PM
I have the following code below.
This is on the side of my page.
The problem is that when I scroll down the black video box seems to jump.

Is there anything I can do about this?

<OBJECT ID="MediaPlayer" WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="160" CLASSID="CLSID:22D6F312-B0F6-11D0-94AB-0080C74C7E95"
STANDBY="Loading Windows Media Player components..." TYPE="application/x-oleobject">
<PARAM NAME="FileName" VALUE="banquet1.wmv">
<PARAM name="ShowControls" VALUE="true">
<param name="ShowStatusBar" value="false">
<PARAM name="ShowDisplay" VALUE="false">
<PARAM name="autostart" VALUE="false">
<EMBED TYPE="application/x-mplayer2" SRC="banquet1.wmv" NAME="MediaPlayer"
WIDTH="160" HEIGHT="160" ShowControls="1" ShowStatusBar="0" ShowDisplay="0" autostart="0"> </EMBED>

12-08-2005, 07:05 PM
You'll need to change your hardware acceleration to something less than it is. On windows xp
Right click on desktop | Go to properties | Click settings tab | Click Advanced button | You should see a troubleshooting tab, click this if available | Decrease hardware acceleration to about half way.