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12-06-2005, 03:57 AM
Hey all,

Check out BrowserCam if you're not familiar with it. Basically, it allows you to preview screenshots of your site in tons of browser, operating system, and resolution configurations. They also have a Remote Access feature, allowing you to use another platform system. They have a 24 hour free trial. Try it out, it will definitely make your life easier as a webmaster. There are plenty of other free services, but I've yet to find one that comes close to or beats BrowserCam.

That said, I've started a group at Fundable.org. This nifty site allows you to pull funds together to go in on a common cause or purchase. BrowserCam realizes that their service is not cheap for independant developers, and allows groups from Fundable.org to purchase BrowserCam for 20 users for one full year.

So here's the breakdown. If I can gather 20 people to contribute $25 each, that will raise $500 needed for the service. Each person will recieve their own user account. The service is for 1 full year of Capture AND Remote Access service. I have 6 people signed up so far including myself. You can pay via credit card or PayPal. If we do not raise the $500 by January 14, 2006, you will get your money back! There is no service charge or penalty for the goal not being obtained. Please note that the ability to have 20 years for this $500 plan is only available to Fundable.org accounts (the norm is 10 users)!

If you're serious about web development, and want to be absolutely sure you're able to support all browsers, operating systems, etc... this service is a must!

I know this sounds like a really bad advertisement... If you're interested, visit the link below, or contact me. Oh, and please spread the word!

http://www.browsercam.com (http://www.browsercam.com)

--Nick Marques
AIM: muzicman82
E-mail: muzicman82@gmail.com