View Full Version : DreamWeaver only opens maximized.

12-02-2005, 07:14 PM
Hey everyone.
I'm having some problems with DW on XP (SP1)

the problem is, When i start the application the splash screen loads, after the application is finish initalizing, DW appears on the taskbar as minimized.

when i click on the taskbar element for DW it appears to be open (the element is selected) however DW does not appear on the screen.

if i right click on the taskbar element for DW and choose 'Maximize' i can see DW, however if i take it out of 'maximize' mode when it's open it returns to the taskbar as minimized.

ohh and i had DW working earlier this morning.
any help?

Note, Flash still works, so it's not a problem with Macromedia software.
Also note, I've rebooted - nothing.