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11-21-2005, 08:04 PM
Hello all,

I’m working on a website that needs custom mail management. The client is running for public office and needs a method to keep his contacts organized. Here’s the scope of the project:

On his website, there is a form to enter name, email, phone, etc, as well as checkboxes listing various ways to contribute to the campaign (i.e., hand out flyers, make phone calls, host a reception, etc).
Upon submission, the form should then be populated into a database of some sort and an initial email sent to an administrator with the info.
The form should integrate with a secure web application. A user would then login through the website and send email to people on the list, separated by group. For example, all the people posting flyers could get an email, or people posting flyers and making calls could get an email, or everyone could get an email. Email would be either HTML or plain text.
For bonus points, the app could also provide the ability to store the messages, so a user could also read email, separated by various groups.
There should be an “unsubscribe” feature so contacts could opt-out of the email if needed.

Something like PHPList is very, very close to what I need (at least in functionality), the major difference being PHPList doesn’t integrate with a web form. If there is an available third-party solution that will handle all of this and save the time of developing a custom script it would actually be preferred.

Now for the details, fine print, and compensation: This is a project contracted through a company I work for here in Nashville. We are working with a decent, but not extravagant, budget so please give an honest estimate of your time and cost. We would retain the ownership of the script and possibly use it on future sites, so make sure that's factored in your total bid. The complete site must be operational and online by mid-January. You MUST have a portfolio and references, a fancy resume is optional but experience is necessary. I’m looking for a professional job, not a cheap price.

If you’re interested, either post here, send a PM, or IM (aim: richardmedek, msn: richard[at]richardmedek[dot]com). After initial contact I can send you links to the current site and provide any info you’ll need to provide an appropriate estimate. Payment is 1/3 up front, 1/3 in development and 1/3 upon completion and can be through PayPal or whatever method you prefer.

I should note that this company has a regular (contracted) programmer who has “first-dibs,” so to speak, but he’s been busy lately and time is a-wastin. :) Feel free to ask any questions you need.


11-22-2005, 02:28 AM
I, I think I could help you. Assuming I understand what it is you want (which i'm quite certain I do), I could do this. I would definatley have it operational by mid January. I work pretty much full time, but have plenty of time outside of my main job for extra work.

Previous work:
http://www.bannermanage.com - Advertising management software, written for a client with all the requested features. You can check out a demo from the site.
Time taken: 3 weeks

http://domainportfolio.domainforums.com - A fairly simple domain portfolio management script, written for a domain-trading community.
Time taken: 1 1/2 weeks

http://www.onlinegames.net - Games portal website which recieves over 100,000 page views most days. I wrote the backend for this site (full admin control panel)
Time taken: 2 weeks

http://www.upload2.com - Upload website, I wrote the backend for this site as well as slicing the design into XHTML.
Time taken: 2 weeks

(please dont use design to judge my skill on any of these).
All projects used PHP and MySQL, some more than others.

For me to do this for you, I would ask a negotiable $800. I have added you to MSN where we can hopefully discuss further. I say negotiable becuase I dont know what you class as an "not extravagent budget". Please do get back to me :)

11-29-2005, 11:41 PM
Position filled! Thanks everyone for your interest.