View Full Version : Ajax Portal / Toolkit Recommendations

11-15-2005, 11:34 PM
I was hoping to call on the assistance of the community to provide me
with some recommendations for locating an off the shelf preferally Ajax
based technology that would allow a user to construct a website similar
to NetVibes or Live.com. Some additional criteria for this product
would include the following funtionality:

- RSS Integration
- Add Content similar to Netvibes or Live.com
- Preferably Ajax Based
- Search Functionality
- Easy Layout Customization

Some of the products that I have investigated include,
BackBase(backbase.com) and AjaxPortal (myiosoft.com). The product that
I am looking to work with hopefully will have a lot of the above
functionality out of the box. If anyone has any experiences working
with similar technologies I would appreciate any advice you could
provide me with.