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11-07-2005, 12:05 AM
Hey, what do you guys think of MadBum.com? I have put a lot of work into making the design and content unique, original, alternative, and funny. Your thoughts?

11-07-2005, 03:51 AM
I like the overall design, however I find the text irritatingly big and the horizontal lines between posts a little too bold. Another minor irritation is the lack of space between the bottom of the design and the browser, and I think the navigation panel needs more padding. Pretty minor stuff really apart from the text size so good job :thumbsup:

11-09-2005, 06:22 AM
Yeah, I might want to size it down a tad. People were complaining about it being too small. What in particular would you say is too big?

11-11-2005, 11:28 PM
No response...well, any more opinions?

11-12-2005, 03:52 AM
No response...

Patience, my good man!

As I said, I think the text is too big (as in, all of the text) but that is a personal thing and you are probably better off erring on the safe side anyway.

11-14-2005, 02:41 AM
Yeah, that's what I figured. I might scale it down a size or two but not much more than that. I had complaints over it being too small originally. Oh well.

Any further thoughts?

11-14-2005, 04:03 AM
I think it is really nice-looking, as far as general design. I agree that maybe the bottom should have a little space before the browser, but I don't really mind the text size. I like that it loads very quickly.


11-26-2005, 05:44 AM
Thanks. Indeed, the wonders of CSS. :)

12-01-2005, 12:14 AM
Last bump if no more opinions.