View Full Version : Need help - ad with countdown timer and redirect to game page

10-22-2005, 03:03 AM
Ok this may seem a bit long winded, but here it goes. Ok this is what i am attempting to do. I have a link on my website that opens a popup window, I then want an ad to be displayed with a coutdown (Ex: this announcement will close in 20,19,18 seconds) then when countdown reaches zero it redirects to the game page.

I know i can just make an ad page and use a simple redirect script to the game page but I have like 100 games and that would mean I would have to make 100 ad pages to redirect to those 100 games and trying to manage 100 redirect pages would become a nightmare in itself

What Im basically wanting is a script where I have 1 ad page when they click on a game link it makes a popup and somehow it remembers the origonal game link and after 25 seconds it redirects to that page.

Im total new to javascript, well just know the basics - so any help would be great. Im trying to learn this javascript but untill then I really need help with this script


BTW - Very good team you have here and the members are great, no im not kissing up, unless that will help :)