View Full Version : Tricky keeping the information generated.

10-20-2005, 12:27 PM
Hello there folks.

I'm a gamemaster and last weekend we had run out on everything. Papers, dice, pens and so on, so the smartass in me thought of creating a few javascripts to generate what I might need for the random things that could occur during a D&D raid or as in this instance EON.

I was quite proud when I was done with it BUT it had one great flaw. If I let my script create a Town and an Inn I couldn't store the informations generated if the players wasn't satisfied with the particular Inn or the Town itself.

I have tried and tried and tried to make a simple cookie work, but I always fail, even when doing the nasty Cut n' Paste. Well... the original script places the cookie, and retrieves it, but it wont accept any changes so I can store what I need. (Yes I have admin on the specific computer where the cookie is supposed to be placed)

Any ideas as to where I can look or what I can do? I hope you don't want the script since it's long, but I can post it if necessary.

Hope someone has the time to help me out.


Cookies aren't needed, but it sure would be nice if someone could explain to me how I can set and get specific information from one.

10-20-2005, 04:57 PM