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10-15-2005, 09:27 AM
I used to have a really good memory manager and I dont know what it was called. I've tried googling but all I come up with is crap.
I'm beta testing City of Villains atm and I'd really like to catch some of the nasty memory leaks its kicking out. All the memory managers I can find have waay too many features and a whole interface thing and want me to specify how much memory to free up - thats not what I want, with the old one it ran from the sys tray and it had a little line graph thing going on showing memory useage and when over a certain amount of memory was being used (that I could set) or at regular time intervals it would try to clean out anything that wasnt in use and clear up memory leaks and stuff, or I could do it manually by just clicking on the sys tray icon.
Oh and it was completely freeware iirc.
Now I'm not say I want the identical program (though that would be nice) but something along those lines - does anyone have such a thing and remember where they got it or what its called?

Dr. Hansen-Quao
10-20-2005, 03:06 PM
Hi, did your memory manager come with your computer? If so, perhaps you could go to the website of the company that manufactured the computer or the software and download the application.

What happened to the original manager? If you havent formatted your machine, you can check out the folders in program files (presuming ur using windows) on the same drive the OS is running on.

Do let me know how it goes... :thumbsup:

Dr. Hansen-Quao :cool: