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10-09-2005, 08:10 PM
Need a full review of my personal website (http://www.suburbanette.com/). Including my gallery and the link on the projects page. I would like input on colors, layout, and any compatibility issues w/ browsers.

10-09-2005, 08:45 PM
I like it. Not sure about the gray bits at the top on the sides, and the banner image seems a bit small, but other than that it's all very nice. I'd maybe prefer it if all the site was the same style, but that's just me.

One last point - on your links page, the titles for the categories are underlined and look like links but they are not.



10-10-2005, 03:09 AM
home page stuff:

Since your using a fixed width I'd make the conatiner 10px smaller or so. At least that way a full screen 800x600 resolution won't get the horizontal scroll bar.

I'd take off the padding/margin of your "recent posts" list and give the whole list a width equal to the navigation so that bothe the navigation and the list under it line up on the right hand side. It will probally make long lines break so you'll probally have to use a little margin-bottom to the <li>'s to amke it look alright. The navigation looks a little like it doesn't belong. Maybe doing the above sugestion would help it feel more at home.

I'd give a little space on the right side of the content. It seems to like to cling onto the side too much.

I think you need some kind of footer. You scroll down the page and BLAMMO! the page stops after the content.

Domain page:

Maybe you should restyle your H3 and H4. The simple underline doesn't look right for some reason. Maybe give the H3's in your content a small image on the left of them and style the H$'s w/o the image but similar to the way the H3's are now.

About page:

since your using <br> instead of <li> for these, maybe another <br> to seperate them some. Seems cramped as it looks list-like. A little breathing room might look better.

I had almost clicked no on him, because shallow me, the photo of him did not really show his face weel. I clicked yes though because...

^ typo

Gallery page:

It looks out of place. Maybe if it was styled like the other pages.

I do think the birdhouse picture should be your header image though ;) Pretty picture.

Projects page:

I like the colors on the recipes page a lot more than what you have on the rest of the site. The header image is catchy as well.

I'm not sure if that image is your own and how easy it is to change it but it might be kinda cool to change whats in the bag on different pages.

There's no link to get out of recipies back to the Projects page.

Links page:

form needs to be a little wider. Instead of 'contact form' maybe something a little about contacting you? I'm sure most people will know what it is but if you asked them to use it and why they should maybe they'd be more inclined to.


Besides some spacing issues I mentioned, it looks nice enough. I don't think the colors do anything for it though. They work well together but, they seem kind of drab for the content. I like the colors on the Recipes page better I think.

I don't think your main header does anything for it though. I kinda dug the butterfly though (you had the butterfly right?) the greyness of it was well... grey but I liked the image.

I'd adjust the line-height as well. Space it out a little more.

10-14-2005, 08:55 PM
I love the site. The text hugs the right edge too much in my opinion, though.

Great colors and layout.