View Full Version : (browser support!) Dear Santa Claus

10-09-2005, 07:42 PM
Please Santa Claus;

I would like it much very for all the happIE web browsers to be helpyful in read ing and inter-terperating fully CSS1; and pleasey fully CSS2. I would really likey the box to be fixed propIE5rly aswell!(update!/patch!, dont leave mistakes!).

I am a young devil-eloper and wish this over my 2 front teeth!
I likey do; z-index, n fixed positioning, n .PNG supporty!, I can draw well with these good picture tools!

Thanky, I have your cookies ready, but dad ate them last year!

p.s Lets give W3C the power to enforce legal reccomendations on browser companies to have very strict interpreting of ML and styles and make some real progression in web design!

10-09-2005, 07:45 PM
Well apart from a XL firefox t-shirt, full standards support for IE 7 is on my christmas wish list ;)