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10-05-2005, 11:23 AM
Hello all, after much taxing of my bottom of the learning curve brain I've managed to rewrite one of my web pages into div and css rather than the horrid mess of html and tables previously.

I've set up the common header and the drop down menus as a SSI to make tweaks and updates simple, loving that already.

Now, the new file has an shtml extension, should i resave all the reworked pages as *.shtml as I go, the site structure and so on is all rotten at the moment so I don't think I'll be losing much in the way of page rank and so on

Or should I set the server to treat .htm files as shtml files?

Is this the same arguement as telling it to treat .htm files as .php files?

ie, yeahm, go for it, no real drawback to that

It's a relatively simple and small site if that matters

nasty old site here www.ruedelagare.co.uk

lovely (in my eyes anyway) new page here http://www.ruedelagare.co.uk/test3.shtml

as is traditional, the test3 page isn't finished, but the basic structure is there, garetful for any tips to improve or outright fix before I redo all the pages, not sure about the doctype


10-05-2005, 07:22 PM
Assuming most of the htm/html files on your site use SSI then you could reconfigure your server to treat them as such. But really, you should just change the extensions and update your links unless there is a real reason not to.

It isn't a big deal with SSI but like for example with PHP it is typically a bad idea to change it so htm/html files will be parsed by the PHP engine because then if you have pages that don't have any PHP code on them, before the server sends them out it has to run the engine on the page. The exact performance hit of doing so depends on the number of applicable pages to those that aren't, the number of visitors, and the server hardware though.