View Full Version : Help with css column height

10-05-2005, 05:42 AM

Finally got my css worked out for this site (http://www.suncoastwebdesigns.com/test/susbcba).

I think it looks nice and clean - but by all means - lemme know what you think :)

Also, if you'll notice in the css I specified a min-height of 990px for the #main-wrap and #contentarea - as you can see if you're using FF or Opera - it's not nearly long enough.

I can't seem to get any "clears" to work so that I don't have to use the min-height. Any ideas? I currently have a "clearfloats" class in there now - but it's not doing anything either. IE6 on winxp looks fabulous.


EDIT: Dunno what I did but I seem to have fixed the footer problem...