View Full Version : "Error on page" "Object Expected" Image Preload Problem

09-26-2005, 05:54 PM
This problem is related to Error on Page messages in my browser on my website. When double clicking on the "Error on page" icon, you get a detailed message that states the line, char., "Objected Expected", code 0, and the URL.

I'm using IE 6. Problem is at http://www.stoneycreekrentals.com

My images do preload fine and my javascript code functions fine, but why am I getting the error messages?

I've reviewed my code (using Frontpage 2003) and looked at the line and column where the error is supposed to be. The identified and line and column is always my image preload listing and the problem is always certain buttons. This problem occurs on every page in my website.

I have tried some of the recommended suggestions. I've went into Format > Behaviors for specific pages and clicked on Preload Images to refresh the preload image function. I've also tried regenerating my button images with new ones using the Frontpage's functions (by clicking on the problematic button and allowing new images to be generated). This has not helped.

I'll list my code if necessary. You can also go to my website to see the problem for yourself.

09-26-2005, 07:17 PM
Error: dynAnimation is not defined

The actual error is that the page cannot find function 'dynAnimation();'

09-26-2005, 07:43 PM
That solved my problem. Thanks for your help. Here is a sample of my bad code and a sample of my new code. Thanks again.

<body bgcolor="#15602E" onload="FP_preloadImgs(/*url*/'button22C.jpg', /*url*/'button22D.jpg', /*url*/'button8.jpg', /*url*/'button9.jpg', /*url*/'buttonE.jpg', /*url*/'buttonF.jpg', /*url*/'button3D.jpg', /*url*/'button3E.jpg'); dynAnimation()" link="#FEEABC" vlink="#FF6666" alink="#FF0000">

<body bgcolor="#15602E" onload="FP_preloadImgs(/*url*/'button22C.jpg', /*url*/'button22D.jpg', /*url*/'button8.jpg', /*url*/'button9.jpg', /*url*/'buttonE.jpg', /*url*/'buttonF.jpg', /*url*/'button3D.jpg', /*url*/'button3E.jpg')" link="#FEEABC" vlink="#FF6666" alink="#FF0000">