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09-26-2005, 10:23 AM

I need help with the following drop menu code that works in IE but not in Mozilla:

<td height="45">
<p><center><body OnLoad="InitMenu()" Onclick="HideMenu(menuBar)" ID="Bdy" bgColor=white>
<font face="Verdana" size="2" color="#FFFFFF"></p>
<DIV Id="menuBar" class="menuBar" >
<DIV Id="Bar1" class="Bar" menu="menu1">Home</DIV>

<DIV Id="Bar2" class="Bar" menu="menu2">Team Info</DIV>
<DIV Id="Bar3" class="Bar" menu="menu3">About Ultimate</DIV>
<DIV Id="Bar4" class="Bar" menu="menu4">Links</DIV>
<!--MenuItem Definition -->
<div Id="menu1" class="menu">
<div Id="menuItem1_1" class="menuItem" title="Home" cmd="index.htm">Click
for Main Page</div>

<div Id="menu2" class="menu">
<div Id="menuItem2_1" class="menuItem" title="Bios" cmd="bios.htm">Player Bios</div>
<div Id="menuItem2_2" class="menuItem" title="Schedule" cmd="http://www.upa.org/scores/scores.cgi?div=18&page=3&team=1191">Schedule/Results</div>
<div Id="menuItem2_3" class="menuItem" title="Pictures" cmd="pics.htm">Pictures</div>
<div Id="menuItem2_4" class="menuItem" title="Practices" cmd="practice.htm">Practice Info</div>
<div Id="menu3" class="menu">
<div Id="menuItem3_1" class="menuItem" title="History" cmd="history.htm">History of the Game</div>

<div Id="menuItem3_2" class="menuItem" title="Rules" cmd="rules.htm">Rules</div>
<div Id="menuItem3_3" class="menuItem" title="Basics" menu="menu5">Basics</div>
<div Id="menuItem3_4" class="menuItem" title="Throwing" menu="menu6">Throwing</div>
<div Id="menu4" class="menu">
<div Id="menuItem4_1" class="menuItem" title="Women's team" cmd="http://sportclubs.ucdavis.edu/womens-frisbee/">Pleiades' Web page</div>
<div Id="menuItem4_2" class="menuItem" title="Local Ultimate" cmd="local.htm">Ultimate in Davis</div>

<div Id="menuItem4_3" class="menuItem" title="Random Links" cmd="links.htm">Ultimate Links</div>
<div Id="menu5" class="menu">
<div Id="menuItem5_1" class="menuItem" title="Basic Rules" cmd="basicrules.htm">Basic Rules for Play</div>
<div Id="menuItem5_2" class="menuItem" title="Playing" cmd="playing.htm">Basic Skills</div>
<div Id="menuItem5_3" class="menuItem" title="Spirit" cmd="spirit.htm">Spirit of the Game</div>
<div Id="menu6" class="menu">
<div Id="menuItem6_1" class="menuItem" title="Backhand" cmd="backhand.htm">Backhand</div>

<div Id="menuItem6_2" class="menuItem" title="Forehand" cmd="forehand.htm">Forehand</div>
<div Id="menuItem6_3" class="menuItem" title="Advanced Throws" cmd="advanced.htm">Advanced Throws</div>

<!-- End of Menu -->

09-26-2005, 04:45 PM
If you don't include the relevant scripts and ther style rules, there's very little anyone can say about this "not working".

By the way: define "not working": are you getting nothing at all? Do the menus show, but do they look off?

Finally: if something "works" in IE but not in Mozilla, there's a good chance that it violates some standard or uses proprietary stuff.