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09-21-2005, 05:03 PM
hey everyone.. My friend and I just bought a domain at godaddy.com, and we're kinda confused with how many subdomains we can make and host..

We're confused because it says that we could host 10 subdomains, and 100 forward subdomains..
We don't get what this "forward subdomain" is..

At Godaddy, the FAQ says:


What does it mean to forward to my hosting subdirectory?


Forwarding to your hosting subdirectory allows you to split your hosting account into smaller sections. You could divide your hosting account and dedicate different subdirectories to different products. Now you can share your hosting account between your main domain name and your subdirectories. This type of forwarding is already masked.

Forwarding to another location allows you to forward a sub-domain to any URL of your choice. For example, you can have subdomain1.domain.com forward to http://www.anotherdomain.biz.
but we still kinda don't get it..

Is it like redirecting a sub-domain name to a whole different URL? thank you very much!