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09-18-2005, 07:33 AM
Hey, I know this must sound stupid, but could someone please tell me what to do in order to get a link added to an image that changes when it hovers?

For example, on my website.
On all my link buttons, I have the image change (it's the same thing but it looks like it's lighter), when the cursor is hovered overtop.
Now, I would like to know how to actually add the links to each thing, because after all, they're the links.

Here's the place I'm trying to get the links to...well, link. :p

I'd know how to do this through HTML, but I don't have a clue with Javascript.

This is the code I'm working with:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">


function on1()
{if (!document.images) return; document.a.src = "images/butt_link1_sel.jpg";}
function on2()
{if (!document.images) return; document.b.src = "images/butt_link2_sel.jpg";}
function on3()
{if (!document.images) return; document.c.src = "images/butt_link3_sel.jpg";}
function on4()
{if (!document.images) return; document.d.src = "images/butt_link4_sel.jpg";}
function on5()
{if (!document.images) return; document.e.src = "images/butt_link5_sel.jpg";}
function on6()
{if (!document.images) return; document.f.src = "images/butt_link6_sel.jpg";}

function off1()
{if (!document.images) return; document.a.src = "images/butt_link1.jpg";}
function off2()
{if (!document.images) return; document.b.src = "images/butt_link2.jpg";}
function off3()
{if (!document.images) return; document.c.src = "images/butt_link3.jpg";}
function off4()
{if (!document.images) return; document.d.src = "images/butt_link4.jpg";}
function off5()
{if (!document.images) return; document.e.src = "images/butt_link5.jpg";}
function off6()
{if (!document.images) return; document.f.src = "images/butt_link6.jpg";}

var imgslist = new Array(

var imgs=new Array();
for (x=0; x<imgslist.length; x++)
if (document.images)
{imgs[x]=new Image(); imgs[x].src = imgslist[x];}


Any help would be greatly apprecieated. :D