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09-08-2005, 05:35 AM
has anyone ever used the fckeditor? We are using this on some sites and I am wanting to not put a copy of the folder and files in all sites where it is used. Instead I want to be able to put it into a virtual directory and point to it from there. The problem I am runing into is that even though I can include the file using <!--#include virtual="/fckeditor/editor"--> when I set the editorobject.basepath = "/fckeditor" I get a 404 error on the iframe that is generated. The server that this is on hosts many different websites under many different domain names. However, all of them reside in the webpages directory which is located at the disk root level.

Also has anyone omitted any of the non needed folders and files, other than the ones that are listed in the documentation? I made a custom editor through the config.js file and eliminated those parts we will not use. I would like to eliminate the folders and files that we aren't using but don't want to muck this up since it does work.