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09-07-2005, 04:01 PM

I have a php page in which i have different products. I retrieve these products from database. Mean a loop runs and one by one it will retrieve all the products from the database.

Then i add a simple button "ADD to cart".

this button will repeat will displayed at every product.

Means if there are 6 products, then it will show 6 buttons of "Add to CART".

I want that if user click on first "add to cart" button, then it will post the values of only first product to database. If if user click on second "add to cart" button, then it will post the values of only second product to database.

But add to cart button just send the values of only first prodcut.

Kindly help me in this regard.

Here is my sample code.

$query = mysql_query("Select * from newproductinfo where pid=$pageid",$db) or die ("Error");
$rowcount=0; //count the iterations of loop to control the table structure

while ($result = mysql_fetch_array($query))
print "<br> $ppid";

$price = $result['price'];
$a = $result['image'];


echo"<td width='50%' height='399' align='left' valign='top'>";


echo "<td width='50%' height='399' align='left' valign='top'>";
$rowcount = $rowcount+1;

////////////// Displaying Image and other things///////////////////////////////////////

echo"<center><img src='images/".$a."'height='180' width='200'></center>";
echo "<br><br>$ppid<br> $title<br> $pname<br> $desc<br> $size<br> $price<br><br>";

echo"<form action='test.php?btn=$ppid' method='post'>";
echo"<center><input type='submit' name='SUBMIT[]' value='Add to Cart'></center>";


} //while Loop Ends

kindly correct this code, so that it will only send the information of that product, which i clicked.

09-07-2005, 04:24 PM
you appear to be missing the </form> from your html, your code seems to start a new <form> for each product but never closes it.
Also you appear to be sending the product ID through $_GET[] so why not use that instead?
One last thing, since you ahve a form for each product why is your submit button an array?