View Full Version : Could you please review this site of mine?

09-02-2005, 10:38 AM
I was just interested really.

The last site I built before the one I'm currently working on was for a friend who had written a book and wanted to publicise it. the address is www.minervapendragon.com.

I was going to try to use a CSS layout, butI ended up using tables for a speedier build (I didn't knew hardly any CSS at the time and learning it seemed to be a bit of a pain.) It ALMOST validates as 4.01 transitional. I say almost because most of the 12 errors are missing "type" attributes which are easily fixed, and just plain lazy in the first place if I'm quite honest. As far as I am aware, the page looks the same in all browsers, the only one I haven't had a report about is IE on a Mac.

Anyways, all I've ever heared about the site is that it "looks really proffesional", that it's "pretty good for a first important website", and "well" done. I guess that's just what happens when you ask friends and aquaintences though, and such comments tell me nothing about what is acctually wrong and what I could have done better, so I've not learned all I could from it.

So, if you wouldn't mind doing it after the event, I would very much apreciate it if people here could tell me what's wrong with it and what I could have done better.

09-02-2005, 12:37 PM
Well for a first attempt i'd have to say it's ok.

My only annoyances are...

* Nothing on the page seems to 'go well together' - the colour scheme doesn't help with that.

* The navigation buttons are good but could look a lot better.

You have to ask yourself that if you cam accross that website and liked the look / sound of the book, would you buy from that site? - Be honest, as i probably wouldn't.

Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh. But honestly is the best policy regarding web design i think!

09-02-2005, 06:42 PM
I'd have to agree with the above comment...

I think the element working against you the most is that background. A plain white background would be better, but you can experiment. What you have now is much too distracting and reminds me of early 90's design hodge-podge design.

Give the content blocks a bit of padding so the text isn't right next to the edge. About 10-15px would be enough I think. I'd also change the background of those blocks to a light gray to match the rest of the site.

It's not a bad start. And I think that just a few small tweaks would make a huge improvement.