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06-24-2002, 05:12 PM
I'm working on a todo-site, for myself and maybe to publish.

I'm trying to use Multi-Arrays, but the code below could (should) be shorter, I'm quite sure about that.

Here's the code:

foreach $todo (@todos) {
(@the_todos->[$n][0],@the_todos->[$n][1],@the_todos->[$n][2],@the_todos->[$n][3],@the_todos->[$n][4]) = split(/\|/,$todo);
@test = split(/\|/,$todo);
@the_todos = sort date(@the_todos);
@the_todos = sort priority(@the_todos);
foreach (@the_todos) {
#print "@the_todos->[$n][0] @the_todos->[$n][1] @the_todos->[$n][2] @the_todos->[$n][3] @the_todos->[$n][4]<BR>";

@todos contains the info from the file like this:
1|To Do #1|1|1|95849384
The part that should be shorter is the

Anyone any ideas on this or maybe a fresh, better idea?

Thanks in advance,

06-25-2002, 08:57 AM
Not 100% sure about this, but you might get away with:

foreach $todo (@todos) {
push(@the_todos, @{ [ split(/\|/, $todo) ] });

- Mark